Add-On Modules

Integration Hub
Modular Integration solution for easy, efficient and seamless integration of Wallstreet Suite with 3rd party systems that allows real-time as well as batch import and export of data.

With ready-made connectors to external systems and trading platforms, integration of Wallstreet Suite with 3rd party systems is much faster. The development of user specific integration is rapid, straight-forward and allows the users to minimize the development time, while ensuring quality and stability of the solution.

PREFIS has ready-made connectors for Bloomberg (FXGO), Bloomberg (Fixed Income), Bloomberg (Execution Management System (EMSX)), Bloomberg Auction, TradeXpress, Market Axess, Barclays Trade STP, MTS BondVision, SAP accounting, ESB hub.

SWIFT matching solution
SWIFT Matching Solution from PREFIS provides manual and real-time automatic confirmation matching for Wallstreet Suite system.
SWIFT Matching Solution enables processing of SWIFT confirmations received from counterparties against confirmations sent from Wallstreet Suite. In the case of a match, actions can be triggered in the flow to allow straight-through processing.

Confirmation processing and matching is one of the key tasks in Back-Office operations. In the case of a mismatch, a back-office user can use a graphical user interface to manually verify the messages, review differences and decide on the course of action.

Criteria for automatic and manual matching are configurable, set up in an editor specific for each message type.  A standard set of pre-defined criteria for the most common confirmation message types is part of the Solution.

SuiteGUARD – Wallstreet Suite Monitoring console
The reliability of information systems, supporting the core business of any financial institution is essential for its smooth operation.

The Wallstreet Suite monitoring console (Suite Guard), reflects the need of WSS Suite users and administrators in respect to which tools should effective monitoring console ideally provide. Suite Guard is specifically tailored to maintain and guarantee smooth operation of the Wallstreet Suite and its integrated systems. It is a powerful tool for monitoring system tasks and daemons, interfaces and third party processes, viewing logs, restarting single processes or groups even via phone or tablet, and many more.

The health of the system is assessed from the behavior of processes, their resource consumption, specific patterns in log files and other events. In case of any problem, Suite Guard not only alerts administrators with highlighted and detailed information about the type of failure, but also suggests solution for the problem.

PREFIS' Suite Guard enables system administrators to handle all their daily tasks from a single console in an intuitive and simple way.

Value at Risk Engine
PREFIS' Value-at-Risk (VaR) module helps risk managers in financial institutions to ensure that risks are not taken beyond the level at which the organization can absorb the losses of a probable worst outcome. Our Value-at-Risk calculation engine is based on the full Monte Carlo simulation method.

PREFIS' technology of VaR calculation needs to input random numbers of homogeneous distribution and correlation matrix of risk parameters. Principal components analysis method and random walk are applied to generate simulated scenarios of market parameters. Thereafter they are used to evaluate VaR of transactions depending on the level of aggregation of counterparty / portfolio.

Pre-calculated intermediate results are stored and re-used in case of changes detected in the composition of the transactions structure. It results in a rapid evaluation of the new VaR in case of new transaction enters the system or particular modifications are performed.

Our solution currently supports standard BackTest procedure e.i. comparison of calculated VaR figures against current profit/loss, including the evaluation of short- and long-term success at each level of aggregation.

In order to implement StressTest the user defines his own scenarios in which the list of stressed market parameters, as well as counterparties and portfolios stressed can be determined. Both NPV and VaR can be stressed while VaR calculation reuses saved results from simulation engine, which makes the calculation very fast. In order to provide a comprehensive view on the risk profile the simulation engine also generates other supporting variables for Monte Carlo VaR:

Liquidity Management module
Liquidity management solution provides real-time cash-flow planning. The solution can be integrated with various systems including native integration with Wallstreet Suite.

PREFIS' solution facilitates management of liquidity based on cash-flow projections from external systems and manual corrections entered by users. Users are able to dynamically select time horizons, data aggregation level and filter for the display. Data are automatically recalculated in real-time upon changes in underlying data, e.g. transactions in Wallstreet Suite or data feed from external systems. Apart from the interactive projection panel, the application provides reports for export and off-line use.

The System contains a multi-user graphical Windows application with a single-sign on functionality integrated with Wallstreet Suite authentication and access control mechanisms, including audit logs.

State Budget Cost Modeling
Solution which analyses and simulates cost of multiple financing scenarios of state debt portfolio in real time, based on the predefined parameters. Management of the debt portfolio is a complex task consisting of re-payment activities on one side and financing activities on the other side.

Most of the state debt is financed on capital markets where conditions are changing continuously. Debt portfolio parameters are set by the State authorities where Debt managing organization needs to ensure that the parameters will be met. More important than actual costs of debt financing are the future costs, where changes on the capital markets are reflected.

Debt portfolio is a living organism where actual debt is repaid and new debt caused by stated deficit is created. All this inputs need to be combined. Optimal and less costly financing strategy needs to be found out. Cost analysis is performed on several financing scenarios in real-time. Portfolio figures and conditions set-up by the State authorities are immediately recalculated. Future simulation of debt indicators are shown on the user screen.

Islamic Banking
Islamic treasury solution is a service-oriented, treasury and capital markets solution with unsurpassed STP and back-office capabilities, natively integrated to Wallstreet Suite. PREFIS' Islamic treasury module is a comprehensive solution for front-to-back office, cross-asset processing of a wide range of financial instruments. The solution provides support for Commodity Murabaha (including Contributor Trades), Reverse Murabaha, Wakala Investment and Financing, Deposit Exchange, Sukuk, Al Tawarruq and FX spot.

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