Solutions Based on Wallstreet Suite system

Asset Management

Wallstreet Suite's (front, middle and back office) solution for asset managers provides sophisticated tools to analyze absolute and relative returns structured in arbitrary ways. The flexibility of the functionality enables user to clearly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the investment strategy and communicate results, even on an intra-day basis.
Wall Street Systems offer a complete and integrated solution that helps asset managers spend less time on administration, and devote more time to managing risk and optimizing the yield on assets. As a full front to back solution, Wallstreet Suite includes: Portfolio modelling, Pre-trade compliance, Trading, Back office operations, Position administration, Custody management, Cash management, Accounting including hedge accounting, Performance measurement, Performance attribution, Benchmarking, Risk management, Value at risk, Limit management as well as Net asset value functionalities.

Wallstreet Suite allows users to define multiple hierarchical portfolio structures which reflect their investment or funding strategies and which can be used to monitor how investments or funding differ from their formulated strategies. User can define the instruments for cross-asset portfolios, including money market, fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and derivatives. In addition to grouping by portfolio or instrument, there are many other customizable ways of grouping available for performance reporting, such as grouping by market, country, industry sector, credit class, and maturity gap.

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