Company News

10/2014 PREFIS has been awarded a contract for delivery and support of its Integration HUB solution by another National Bank in Central Europe for integration of the MTS BondVision trading platform with Wallstreet Suite system. PREFIS' integration Hub is a modular solution for easy, efficient and seamless integration of Wallstreet Suite with 3rd party systems that allows real-time as well as batch import and export of data. It provides clients with platform independent, multiprotocol hub with ready-made connectors to external systems and trading platforms. By selecting Integration HUB from PREFIS, clients rapidly decrease maintenance effort and cost by implementing single solution instead of number of different interfaces.

10/2014 PREFIS has developed and successfully deployed for its Middle East client flexible and configurable reporting solution for integration of client's Data Warehouse with its Wallstreet Suite solution as well as for automatic delivery of standardized reports to the Central Bank. One of the client's key requirements was flexibility, where the users wanted to able to control the data flow in-line with ad-hoc configuration changes. This requirement has been fulfilled to the client's satisfaction by adding configuration tool to the reporting solution, which enables client to add new data structures, create new batches, etc. The users can simply change the current formats, filters and the export parameters.

09/2014 One of the leading commercial real-estate developers and managers in Central and Eastern Europe has selected PREFIS and its Value at Risk calculation engine module to facilitate risk reporting and control decisions in their organization.

08/2014 Following successful implementation of PREFIS' Integration HUB for integration of Wallstreet Suite with SAP accounting module, the client (Central bank from Balkan region) has now decided to use PREFIS' HUB also for complex DWH integration with Wallstreet Suite. Various data types will be exported directly to the Data Warehouse, such as transactional data, client and instrument static data, limit utilizations, market data, various portfolio positions, etc. The customized solution will also export the data from Treasury and Performance monitors.

07/2014 Another national bank in central Europe selected PREFIS as trusted partner to upgrade its Wallstreet Suite system from version 6.5 to version 7.4. The Re-implementation project will focus on the foreign reserve management as well as monetary policy operation processes, including limit management processes, pricing management, risk analysis and simulations including VaR, collateral management, settlement processing to payment systems via SWIFT or proprietary communication and reconciliation, confirmation processing via several channels (fax, email, SWIFT) as well as margin account management. PREFIS' project team will have to deal with complex integration challenges since currently this national bank has integrated with Wallstreet Suite more than 30 systems and has implemented during its life time nearly 100 different interfaces.

05/2014 PREFIS has designed and developed state of art solution which analyses and simulates cost of financing scenarios of state debt portfolio in real time and helps debt managers to make effective financial decisions. Based on its domain knowledge and extensive experience in the management of debt, PREFIS has optimized and transformed manual processes of data gathering, calculation, simulation and modelling process of multiple financing scenarios costs of state debt portfolio into fully automated solution that enables users to focus on ideas and outputs rather than spending great effort and time with manual calculation and simulation of the optimal financing strategy. PREFIS' solution has taken quality to the highest level, where all individual cashflows from debt portfolio are taken into account. Simulation and modeling is working with full instrument definition so that users can be sure that even simulated cashflows look as real as possible. All data outputs are available either on the cashflow level detail or in aggregated level and can be displayed in tables or as graphical representation of the results.

03/2014 PREFIS has been awarded with a contract to provide a senior business specialist with practical experience of implementing, configuring and testing Wallstreet Suite treasury management system in the Central Bank of Ireland.

01/2014 We are proud to announce that PREFIS has won a public tender for delivery of a major upgrade (re-implementation) of Wallstreet Suite system. This is its 5th gained client from among Ministries of finance and Debt management offices. According to the client, PREFIS has been selected out of all tendering companies due to its proven competence in the field of state debt and liquidity management, extensive experience with implementations and upgrades of Wallstreet Suite system and by submitting the best economic value proposal.