Solutions Based on Wallstreet Suite system

Financial Institutions

Wallstreet Suite solution combines integrated front, middle and back office functionality with a unique workflow model, enabling user-configurable control throughout the lifecycle of any transaction. This provides banks with the control and automation required for efficient, streamlined operations.

When you are monitoring risk and performance, you need accurate, comprehensive information in real time. You need to be able to see the total bank exposure of a portfolio or position, across many different types of instruments, including hedges, collateral and netting agreements. To do this, integration of instruments types is crucial, it allows you to consolidate asset classes, instead of simply viewing exposure for one type of instrument. Wallstreet Suite offers a multi-instrument solution that allows monitoring of risk and performance for money market, fixed income and FX instruments, derivatives and equities.

Banks are increasingly required to integrate market and credit risk calculations, as regulators demand that institutions hold capital for both. In order to manage market and credit risk and asset and liability management, it is necessary to consolidate different types of risk: market risk, credit risk, global credit limit management, collateral management and operational risk.

To remain efficient, back office activities must keep up with the place of change. They need to be centralized and streamlined, with a minimum number of interventions from different people. An integrated STP system eliminates the need for manual data re-entry for money transfers and other operations, because all future cashflows resulting from the transactions are generated at the trade entry – including the correct bank account information for each payment. Using an integrated system also reduces the time period between receiving revenues in a bank account and investing funds. And since bank account balances can be obtained continuously, in real-time, funds can also be invested immediately: the same system used to obtain the bank account balances is used to invest the funds.

Wallstreet Suite solution offers a fully integrated back office process, from confirmation through settlement and accounting. It gives you the automation and workflow model you need to eliminate mistakes and substantially reduce routine tasks and manual input.

Main Features

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