Our team of experts covers the whole life cycle of the project starting from initial analyses throughout the system implementation and testing until the post go live support of production system.

Project Management

Our project managers follow PMI and PRINCE 2 project management standards. Our company realizes that standardization of the project management practices increases the effective and efficient use of resources and provides consistency for both project managers and team members across the organization. Common tools, templates and other resources help the project manager guide the project to success. By creating a common language and a framework, individual team members don't get mired down in creating custom tools and templates and can better understand their roles and expected contributions.

Our project managers apply the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Many of the tools and techniques for managing projects are specific to project management. However, understanding and applying the knowledge, tools and techniques that are recognized as good practice is not sufficient for effective project management.

In addition to Wallstreet Suite specific skills and general management proficiencies our project manager possess also following characteristics:
Knowledge, which refers to what our project managers, know about the project management.
Performance, this refers to what our project managers are able to do or accomplish while applying their project management knowledge.
Personal, which refers to how our project managers behave when performing the project or related activity. Personal effectiveness encompasses attitudes, core personality characteristics and leadership –the ability to guide the project team while achieving project objectives and balancing the project constraints.

All our project managers have very good knowledge and understanding of Wallstreet Suite system as well as many years of project implementations experience. The performance and outputs of our project managers are regularly monitored and evaluated by a project director.