Our solutions based on Wallstreet Suite system cater for all segments

What we offer

We understand each segment and offer solutions tailored for your needs based on Wallstreet Suite system(ION Group). Be it specialy focused system for central banks, efficient treasury management for corporations or asset management and financial institutions.

Asset Management

Wallstreet Suite's (front, middle and back office) solution for asset managers provides sophisticated tools to analyze absolute and relative returns structured in arbitrary ways. The flexibility of the functionality enables user to clearly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the investment strategy and communicate results, even on an intra-day basis.

Wall Street Systems offer a complete and integrated solution that helps asset managers spend less time on administration, and devote more time to managing risk and optimizing the yield on assets. As a full front to back solution, Wallstreet Suite includes: Portfolio modelling, Pre-trade compliance, Trading, Back office operations, Position administration, Custody management, Cash management, Accounting including hedge accounting, Performance measurement, Performance attribution, Benchmarking, Risk management, Value at risk, Limit management as well as Net asset value functionalities.

Wallstreet Suite allows users to define multiple hierarchical portfolio structures which reflect their investment or funding strategies and which can be used to monitor how investments or funding differ from their formulated strategies. User can define the instruments for cross-asset portfolios, including money market, fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and derivatives. In addition to grouping by portfolio or instrument, there are many other customizable ways of grouping available for performance reporting, such as grouping by market, country, industry sector, credit class, and maturity gap.

Performance measurement
Real-time Value-at-Risk
Automatic creation of benchmark portfolios
Calculation of time-weighted return
  • Performance measurement
  • Real-time Value-at-Risk
  • Automatic creation of benchmark portfolios
  • Calculation of time-weighted return

“I would recommend PREFIS to other Banks. I am particularly impressed by their deep expertise of the treasury management processes, application functionalities, system implementation and work ethics.”

Central Bank of Nigeria
Emeka M. Okoye,
CBN, Project Manager

“Great approach, very good services and deep knowledge of both business processes and product during implementation and upgrade of Wallstreet Suite system here in ARDAL, makes PREFIS real expert and reliable partner that I can recommend to any organization wishing to implement or upgrade their Wallstreet Suite.”

Daniel Bytčánek, Director
Debt and Liquidity Management Agency of the Slovak republic

“We highly value the PREFIS consultant's deep knowledge and understanding of the bank’s business and processes, extensive experience with the product Wallstreet Suite system and also pro-active, flexible and goal oriented approach.”

European Investment Bank
Back Office Treasury Head of Division

“Peter Lakatoš from PREFIS and his deep knowledge of the Wallstreet Suite, financial industry, instruments and market processes were of great value to Central Bank of Ireland during the implementation project and I firmly believe, that PREFIS will prove an asset for any organization implementing Wallstreet Suite system.”

Central Bank of Ireland
Frank O’Neill
Local Market Operations Platform Project Manager

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