Our team of experts covers the whole life cycle of the project

Our services

We offer range of services covering the whole life cycle of your project. Our team of experts will ensure your system always runs at peak performance. We are here for you.


We offer two alternatives of upgrade services:

1. We deliver the whole system upgrade including development or update of existing CSD’s where they can not be avoided, Upgrade of interfaces, Transaction migration, Testing Assistance, Static data and Transaction reconciliation
2. Where WSS delivers standard upgrade we can work on the client side and assist the client with following activities:

Onsite detailed analysis of current client’s business covering:

  • Existing Workflows
  • Business Processes
  • Standard user procedures
  • Identification of gaps
  • Analysis of existing interfaces and CSDs
  • Creation of acceptance conditions that will help define full scope of upgrade project.

Preparation of scoping based on the above analysis and scoping itself after extension of standing business to new areas.

Our experience allows us to provide to the client suggestions for optimization of all client business areas.

Once upgrade / implementation project starts we provide following assistance to the client:

  • Prepare project plan and track the project progress
  • Cleanup static data by
    • identification of obsolete ones
    • unification of naming convention throughout all data sets
  • Prepare static data for migration
    • decide if migrate or re-implement
    • optimize
  • Execute the static data migration
  • Run the implementation areas defined in scope document
  • Give hands-on training to client users to increase their level of knowledge of the new system version
  • Execute thorough Unit testing of implemented functionality
  • Support, assistance with preparation, execution and coordination of UATs (User Acceptance Testing)
  • Assistance or execution of dynamic data migration from old system to new one (Transaction migration, migration of prices and the floating data) followed by data reconciliation
  • Supporting client during UAT and Migration to achieve required level of quality and knowledge transfer on the client
  • Supporting client in Go-Live process and post Go-Live weeks

Solution design & Implementations

  • We deliver to our clients the full life cycle of new implementations, version upgrades, system enhancements and customer specific developments.
  • Our consultants have expertise in scoping and business analysis, trading, Front office operations, Middle office and Risk management, Back office, Accounting, SWIFT, specific customer development, testing as well as after go live support.
  • Our business experts have vast knowledge of the business processes, experience of their adaptation to the system, as well as modeling and implementing new processes from the relevant market segment into which the customer belongs to.
  • Our technical and business experts are able to advice customers regarding system design and recast customer expectations into the system configuration.
  • Majority of our senior consultants have 5 to 15 years of experience from various TMS implementations and have expert knowledge of the treasury business processes in Central Banks, Debt Management Offices, Financial organizations as well as Corporates
  • We have thorough understanding of the testing methodology and procedures
  • We have extensive experience with creating test scenarios and developing testing tools, which enables to compare testing results between various versions of the system

Customer Support

  • We provide functional and technical support to our customers in regard to client specific configuration, system issues as well as answers to any business or technical questions.
  • Our support services are supplied as a controlled process.
  • All customer requests for support are registered in our support system and immediately assigned for processing to the relevant expert
  • Client can monitor the progress of his request in the system at all times.
  • Our functional support team consists of consultants with high level of seniority in Front office operations, Middle office and Risk management, Back office, Accounting, etc..
  • All support requests from every customer are primarily assigned to a client's dedicated team of professionals that has knowledge of the client's specific environment, system configuration and issues related to a customer. This approach enables us to provide faster responses, spend less time with analysis and have better understanding of customer's needs.
  • For highly specific request, specialists for particular area are involved in the problem-solving process.

System Integration

  • Our IT professionals help clients define the strategies, evaluate, design, develop and technically implement and integrate Wallstreet Suite with all relevant systems
  • In an integration area we have a long list of interfaces that we have developed, installed or configured over the years (e.g. interfaces to various trading platforms, market data providers, accounting and payment systems, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Perl, UNIX shell scripting, Python and SQL is indispensable requirement for each of our experts.
  • We have also experience with the development of small customer specific modules, which enables us to implement very specific non-standard requirements into TMS and thus significantly increases the functionality of the standard system version.
  • We also provide integration with MS Office applications, data transformations into excel and VB scripting.
  • Our consultants can support all operating system platforms (MS Windows, Sun Solaris, HP UNIX) as well as all database servers (Sybase, MS SQL, Oracle), on which Wallstreet Suite is operating.
  • We have extensive experience in cross platform (database and OS) migration and upgrade.

Project management

Our project managers follow PMI and PRINCE 2 project management standards. Our company realizes that standardization of the project management practices increases the effective and efficient use of resources and provides consistency for both project managers and team members across the organization. Common tools, templates and other resources help the project manager guide the project to success. By creating a common language and a framework, individual team members don't get mired down in creating custom tools and templates and can better understand their roles and expected contributions. Our project managers apply the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Many of the tools and techniques for managing projects are specific to project management. However, understanding and applying the knowledge, tools and techniques that are recognized as good practice is not sufficient for effective project management.

In addition to Wallstreet Suite specific skills and general management proficiencies our project manager possess also following characteristics:

  • Knowledge, which refers to what our project managers, know about the project management.
  • Performance, this refers to what our project managers are able to do or accomplish while applying their project management knowledge.
  • Personal, which refers to how our project managers behave when performing the project or related activity. Personal effectiveness encompasses attitudes, core personality characteristics and leadership –the ability to guide the project team while achieving project objectives and balancing the project constraints.

All our project managers have very good knowledge and understanding of Wallstreet Suite system as well as many years of project implementations experience. The performance and outputs of our project managers are regularly monitored and evaluated by a project director.


  • The knowledge transfer to customers is essential part for successful implementation or version upgrade and is a prerequisite to a smooth operation of delivered solution.
  • PREFIS provides trainings focused on specific or general functionality depending on the purpose of the training or client requirements and it can be delivered on-site or off-site.
  • The standard training courses are usually delivered in training facilities of PREFIS premises, while on-site courses are designed to meet specific needs of the customer.
  • We recommend to our clients On-site training in specific situations, such as: project team/end user requires functional training during implementation, large number of people to be trained, multiple training sessions organized parallel to daily routine business tasks etc.

“Peter Lakatoš from PREFIS and his deep knowledge of the Wallstreet Suite, financial industry, instruments and market processes were of great value to Central Bank of Ireland during the implementation project and I firmly believe, that PREFIS will prove an asset for any organization implementing Wallstreet Suite system.”

Central Bank of Ireland
Frank O’Neill
Local Market Operations Platform Project Manager

“I would recommend PREFIS to other Banks. I am particularly impressed by their deep expertise of the treasury management processes, application functionalities, system implementation and work ethics.”

Central Bank of Nigeria
Emeka M. Okoye,
CBN, Project Manager

“Great approach, very good services and deep knowledge of both business processes and product during implementation and upgrade of Wallstreet Suite system here in ARDAL, makes PREFIS real expert and reliable partner that I can recommend to any organization wishing to implement or upgrade their Wallstreet Suite.”

Daniel Bytčánek, Director
Debt and Liquidity Management Agency of the Slovak republic

“We highly value the PREFIS consultant's deep knowledge and understanding of the bank’s business and processes, extensive experience with the product Wallstreet Suite system and also pro-active, flexible and goal oriented approach.”

European Investment Bank
Back Office Treasury Head of Division

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