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Solutions for WSS clients

Our tailored made solutions designed especially for Wallstreet Suite system(ION Group) clients. These stand-alone solutions are ready to be implemented independently to any WSS version.


The integration across any enterprise is becoming nowadays a huge challenge for integrators as well as business end-users. We have realized it and decided to develop a new platform that would facilitate integration of various financial systems. Therefore we have designed and developed integration tool called iHUB. iHUB is a modular, platform-independent integration tool, that was designed for the two-way asynchronous integration of financial systems with a great emphasis on high security of communication and service availability. iHUB contains libraries of common protocols used in business systems, predefined data flow and unified structure of various interfaces.

High security and availability solution
High modularity, configurable data flow, flexible data transformation
Platform independent with unique focus on financial systems
Efficient data transfer including consolidated monitoring and event logs


  • iHUB is a modular, platform-independent integration tool, that was designed for the two-way asynchronous integration of financial systems with a great emphasis on high security of communication and service availability.
  • is the answer to create differentiation through more robust integration solutions and faster implementation times.
  • is a reliable lightweight integration solution, which was designed to integrate financial applications
  • is the answer for simple handling of the ID’s across the systems with minimal intervention
  • contains an existing platform for communication by FIX protocol which is widely used for information exchange between financial institutions such as trading brokers, trading platforms, banks, etc.

Struggling with integration of financial systems?

Download this iHUB ebook and find answers why is integration with iHUB unique and better than other alternatives and how is it different from standard enterprise integration systems.

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iHUB brochure

iHUB is modular system based on JAVA platform and contains following default modules and features

  • Connectors
    • two-way communication interfaces/connectors between iHUB and other IS
  • Message handler/receiver
    • message filtering
    • message routing
  • Message processor
    • message parsing
    • message field mapping
    • message data enrichment
  • Message consumer
    • output message formatting
    • final action performer
  • iHUB management console
    • managing of all daily actrivities (start, stop, restart etc...)
  • iHUB monitoring
    • actual status monitoring
    • message status monitoring
    • history log
  • iHUB notification
    • regular heartbeat notification
    • system warning notifications
    • functional processing notifications

Build in ID management

Various systems have different ID’s for their entities.

  • If new entity is detected in one of the system, you can choose between automatic generation of the entity in other systems based on predefined rule/algorithm or manual intervention.
  • Mapping of Portfolios, Clients, Transaction types, Gap sets, Accounts and technically any entity in the system is not hardcoded anymore.
  • To apply complex mapping conditions, you can use a built-in scripting language

iHUB asynchronous integration

  • The two-way communication between systems is determined by the requirements of the actual connection of particular systems and the need to deliver confirmation of successful data transfer from the source to the target system.
  • iHub allows: Management of events, messages from external systems with the possibility of confirmation, if the external system allows / requires it. Mapping and forwarding to other connected systems.

“I would recommend PREFIS to other Banks. I am particularly impressed by their deep expertise of the treasury management processes, application functionalities, system implementation and work ethics.”

Central Bank of Nigeria
Emeka M. Okoye,
CBN, Project Manager

“Peter Lakatoš from PREFIS and his deep knowledge of the Wallstreet Suite, financial industry, instruments and market processes were of great value to Central Bank of Ireland during the implementation project and I firmly believe, that PREFIS will prove an asset for any organization implementing Wallstreet Suite system.”

Central Bank of Ireland
Frank O’Neill
Local Market Operations Platform Project Manager

“We highly value the PREFIS consultant's deep knowledge and understanding of the bank’s business and processes, extensive experience with the product Wallstreet Suite system and also pro-active, flexible and goal oriented approach.”

European Investment Bank
Back Office Treasury Head of Division

“Great approach, very good services and deep knowledge of both business processes and product during implementation and upgrade of Wallstreet Suite system here in ARDAL, makes PREFIS real expert and reliable partner that I can recommend to any organization wishing to implement or upgrade their Wallstreet Suite.”

Daniel Bytčánek, Director
Debt and Liquidity Management Agency of the Slovak republic

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