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Our tailored made solutions designed especially for Wallstreet Suite system(ION Group) clients. These stand-alone solutions are ready to be implemented independently to any WSS version.


MIMESIS Anonymization Tool was developed specifically for WSS clients, with a purpose to provide standardized tool for scrambling and deletion of selected data from WSS database. The main goal of the data obfuscation of user defined data is to anonymize the database to the extent, where it can be safely used by third parties for testing, development, support, as well as to achieve compliance with data protection standards and regulations

Anonymization Process
Scrambling Types
Selection of Data to Scramble
Technical Consideration

Anonymization Process
Data selection – User selects data to scramble
Preview (e.g. dry run) – User checks sample data before/after scrambling
Scrambling application (e.g. live run) – Scrambling is executed on the data in the database
Report – User is informed on the scrambling status, results (e.g. success/failure, eventual error messages, statistics on # of entities scrambled)
Test – User can start the WSS environment and review the state using editors, boards, reports, etc.
Repeat – User can go back to a previous step and repeat with the same or amended configuration

Scrambling times
Delete entity
Scramble individual fields:
Change string to sequence (e.g. C-0001, …)
Change string to random (e.g. QYRGWTCEE, …)
Preserve string length, string format
Preserve first/last N characters
Change date/number to random.

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Selection of Data to Scramble
Anonymization Profiles
The tool is compatible with Windows and Linux (any version that the respective WSS version supports). The tool is compatible with Oracle Database Server (any version that the respective WSS version supports).
Support for MS SQL Server will be added in the next version.

Object selection
Objects in WSS are structured:
• Static data
• Dynamic data
• Log data
• User will select from a list of main entities and then presented with a list of
relevant sub-entities.
• Tables in the database follow object entities and sub-entities (naming
conventions) but there are exceptions which are taken care of (e.g. hard-
coded, worked around, etc.)
• When user selects static/dynamic data, they are presented with a
checkbox to include relevant log data

Rows Selection:
• All data (of the selected table)
SQL where command (only for simple tables with no dependencies

Column Selection:
Non-key columns can be scrambled only.
Key columns (e.g. ID column) cannot be scrambled currently, will be added in next version.

Pre-Configured Profiles:
The tool contains “factory” profiles to serve as examples or best practice configuration. They include:
Remove Dynamic Data
Remove all transactions, settlements, market data, bank account balances, accounting vouchers, swift and fax messages, logs,
Scramble Sensitive Client data
Change name, address fields in Client Editor. Formats are preserved, etc.
Change Account numbers in Client Editor (and subsequently in cashflows/payment instructions/settlements, swift messages

Technical consideration
Low level
• Triggers and constrains in the database are disabled before live run and enabled after – the tool will perform this automatically
• DBO access is required
• Server processes in PMM need to be stopped for live run

User Interface
Scrambling Profile Editor
• Scrambling Profile Editor is a GUI module of the tool to allow the user to configure data to be scrambled. It is implemented as WSS Static Data (FKSD) Editor or a custom python/dotNet/… application. The tool allows to save the profile to the database, export/import to a file.

Live Scrambling
Live scrambling run is performed by a batch process. It is launched manually by system administrator via a command line or script. This component needs to be wary of the right database to run (so that it is not executed in a wrong database by mistake) and the right scrambling profile. This component is reasonably independent of a WSS installation, e.g. it can be started on a database that has been restored from backup and is not part of a WSS environment. It is a python script not depending on WSS-specific libraries (but depending on oracle home and cx_oracle module).

WSS Modules
The tool supports the following WSS modules:

  • TRM
    • ACM
    • DMM
    • TrmSwift
    • Security Center

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