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Solutions for WSS clients

Our tailored made solutions designed especially for Wallstreet Suite system(ION Group) clients. These stand-alone solutions are ready to be implemented independently to any WSS version.

PDF Archive

PDF Archive Application developed by PREFIS, will allow users to electronically archive and retrieve back documents in PDF format. One of WSS standard features is automated sending of documents - confirmations, tickets, advance notices and so on. These documents are generated in PDF format and are then (per relevant setting) either sent by e-mail, fax or to the printer for printing. Automated sending of documents is in specific cases (for instance Message type CDCP-PAYMENT-ADVICE) complemented by an accuracy check of the generated PDF document by the user, before being sent to the target counterparty

Saving of sent PDF documents into the database automatically at the time of processing
User Interface with features: Searching, Viewing, Sending of documents
Saving of information about the document together with the document

Searching for Documents

  • Document Type – type of document (ALL, CONFIRMATION, TRADE-TICKET ...)
  • Transaction Number - the number of transaction from which the document was generated
  • Date From - the beginning of the period, when the document was generated
  • Date To - the end of the period, when the document was generated
  • Medium Type – method specifying how to send the document (ALL, E-Mail / Fax / Printer)
  • Address - the address, where the document was sent. You can use the % character when searching.
  • User - identifies the user, who initiated document submission

User enters the search criteria and clicks the Execute Query button (Ctrl+E). System then displays, in the form of a record, basic document information:

  • ID - identifier of the generated document
  • Parent ID – ID of the document that was re-submitted (only for Re-Send records)
  • Document Type – type of document
  • Document Subtype – subtype of document
  • Processing Date - document generation date
  • Transaction Number – the number of the transaction from which the document was generated
  • Medium Type – method by which the document was sent (E-Mail / Fax / Printer)
  • Address - address to which the document was sent
  • User - identifies the user, who initiated the sending of the document (in cases of documents sent by the system, this will be identified as TRM system user)
  • Comment - only for Re-Send records
  • Status - Sent by WSS / Sent manually / Prepared by WSS

PDF Archive

For more information about PDF Archive by PREFIS, feel free to download this fact sheet here

Download Brochure:
PDF Archive

Sending of Documents

  • Documents that are sent to the target counterparty automatically have a "Sent by WSS" tag in the PDF Archive Application.

  • The application allows the user to re-send the document to a Fax number, E-mail address or print it as a document.

  • The user can fill in the Comment field with the reason for document re-submission. In the event of a user-initiated document re-submission, the system generates a duplicate of the document with a new time stamp, an identifier specifying the user initiating the action and a "Sent manually" tag in the Status field.

  • CDCP-PAYMENT-ADVICE type documents are not sent automatically, but the user can visually check the document and then send it to the target counterparty. These documents are saved in the PDF Archive, pending verification by users and are marked with a tag "Prepared by WSS". If the data in "Message Type" and "Address" fields remains unchanged, the application will not duplicate the record. The document is sent and the value in the Status field changes from: "Prepared by WSS" => "Sent manually".

  • If the data in "Message Type" and "Address" fields is changed, the document will be sent and a duplicate record will be created with a "Sent manually" tag. The original record remaining unchanged.

“Great approach, very good services and deep knowledge of both business processes and product during implementation and upgrade of Wallstreet Suite system here in ARDAL, makes PREFIS real expert and reliable partner that I can recommend to any organization wishing to implement or upgrade their Wallstreet Suite.”

Daniel Bytčánek, Director
Debt and Liquidity Management Agency of the Slovak republic

“Peter Lakatoš from PREFIS and his deep knowledge of the Wallstreet Suite, financial industry, instruments and market processes were of great value to Central Bank of Ireland during the implementation project and I firmly believe, that PREFIS will prove an asset for any organization implementing Wallstreet Suite system.”

Central Bank of Ireland
Frank O’Neill
Local Market Operations Platform Project Manager

“I would recommend PREFIS to other Banks. I am particularly impressed by their deep expertise of the treasury management processes, application functionalities, system implementation and work ethics.”

Central Bank of Nigeria
Emeka M. Okoye,
CBN, Project Manager

“We highly value the PREFIS consultant's deep knowledge and understanding of the bank’s business and processes, extensive experience with the product Wallstreet Suite system and also pro-active, flexible and goal oriented approach.”

European Investment Bank
Back Office Treasury Head of Division

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