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Bringing global experience to the management of your finances

We are renowned specialists in treasury management systems. They have been our sole focus since the late 1990s. At the beginning, we started with the implementations of a system from our partner company Wall Street Systems. Independently or as a subcontractor, we have implemented treasury management solutions in twenty-nine central banks, fourteen Ministries of Finance and Debt management agencies, nineteen global corporations and eight commercial banks all over the world. For most of our history, our activities were primarily focused on clients abroad, but today, we are starting to establish ourselves also on the Czech and Slovak markets where we are at home.

For a long time, we have struggled with the fact that leading comprehensive treasury management system, which we were implementing, was for majority of our potential clients too complex and too expensive.

"For this reason, we started with the development of our own treasury management system, which would cover all standard functionalities but take into account also specifics and needs of the local market."

Our system initially focused on financial risk management, later it expanded to include more functionalities from various areas of treasury and liquidity management. Today we are proud to offer to our clients exactly what they need: a fine-tuned system for management of cash, planning of liquidity and management of financial transactions and risks at more affordable price.

SUMMA - sophisticated tool to support effective financial management

SUMMA is fully capable to handle comprehensive treasury management at large firms. SUMMA covers all areas from entering simple financial transactions to sophisticated financial derivatives, risk management and assessment, monitoring a complete portfolio of transactions up to generating and sending accounting entries to the organization’s general ledger.

"Clients only use and pay for what they need. Additional functionalities can be easily activated, as clients need them, without the need to install new modules."

System has currently English, Czech and Slovak language localizations, but can be easily localized to any new language upon a request. SUMMA is equipped with some standard interfaces to ERP systems, various trading platforms and market data providers and through our integration tool iHUB has the ability to import and export all client’s data from existing 3rd party software. Beside of standard treasury and cash and liquidity functionalities, SUMMA offers functionalities, which are typically offered only by specialized systems.

We believe that soon, system SUMMA will soon become an irreplaceable tool to support your business.

Now you too can manage your finance just like reputable companies on the global market.

Our values

Trust, respect and mutual understanding
in relation to our clients, employees and business partners

Business ethics
we are always acting with integrity and following what is ethical and right for our customers.

the main pillar of our company are the people and therefore we try to provide more than just a "job". We provide a space for people to self-realization with the possibility of continuing professional development and personal growth.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a reliable and flexible partner with a detailed knowledge of its customers, understands their business, business processes and activities, recognizes technologies, people, individual customer needs and is able to design and provide optimum solutions and services in the management of corporate finance, treasury activities , risk management and planning of cash and liquidity through its own sophisticated system SUMMA.


SUMMA Treasury Management System for Croatia osiguranje

PREFIS, Treasury and Risk Management Software provider is delighted to confirm that Croatia osiguranje, the largest and oldest Insurance company from Croatia, has decided to implement SUMMA by PREFIS Treasury Management System.

PREFIS in brand new premises

We have moved to a higher level again. But today we mean elocation to brand new offices in Bratislava Polus Business Towers. This strategic location in the Bratislava-Nové Mesto area makes PREFIS even easier accessible now. PREFIS offices in high standard on almost 500m2 gives to all people great comfort, transparent feeling and thanks to almost 80 meters high building also beutifull views.

TREND TOP 2016 Conference

PREFIS was one of the general partners of this year’s edition of the TREND TOP 2016 conference and gala.

TREND Business Breakfasts

SUMMA has become the sponsor of business breakfasts for the CFOs of Slovak companies.

Interview With The CEO -- TREND

How did a small consulting company in Bratislava become a premium finance and IT consulting firm and one of the four certified partners of Wall Street Systems in the world in just 20 years?

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