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Transparent graphic reports to support management decisions

The primary role of the system SUMMA is to provide accurate and always up-to-date information necessary for sound decision-making and management of the company. The system offers a wide range of standardized reports to support CFO decision-making processes such as:

  • Forecast analysis provides an overview of forecasts based on corporate structure, foreign currencies, counterparties, categories of forecasts or banks.
  • Liquidity reports analyze the liquidity positions of the parent company and its subsidiaries in future periods and by counterparties.
  • The spending report looks into the past using categories of incomes and expenditures.
  • VAT analysis forecasts VAT amounts and VAT payments in future periods.
  • Payment discipline of customers, various reports on risk positions, utilization of limits and other standardized reports are also available.

Perfect overview of corporate finances

SUMMA provides organizations with a detailed overview of bank accounts and the accounts of subsidiaries. Automatic bank statement processing provides the convenience of automatic balancing of bank accounts in the SUMMA system with results that are automatically transferred into updated financial planning reports.

Streamline future financial flows

SUMMA evaluates the projected shortage and surplus of the cash in the future, providing organization with the ability to secure financing well in advance at a lower cost or invest available funds to efficiently capitalize on the company’s assets.

Modelling of financial flows

CFOs can gain a sophisticated tool for modelling of future financial flows and changes in the company’s situation by simulating various scenarios. Their outcomes take into account simulations of expected maturity of invoice, variable customer payment discipline, hypothetical financing by using various types of financial instruments as well as the uncertain payment of VAT refunds.

Short, medium and long-term planning

SUMMA supports budgeting of an organization’s income and expenditures while this plan may or may not include realized cash and accounting transactions. Short, medium and long-term company financial plans can be registered and managed in the system.

Pro-active risk management

SUMMA helps organizations to keep their risks under control and take a pro-active approach to them. It provides a competitive advantage for financing and hedging activities and at the same time helps to reduce risk and a potential future loss due to market changes. It can also reduce the risk and amount of operating and credit losses.

Excel is a universal tool but certainly has its limitations

Excel is often used as a primary tool for managing organization’s liquidity. While Excel is a great tool, the following shortcomings become apparent when using Excel:

  • workbooks are often a source of numerous errors
  • workbooks are dependent upon those individuals who created the model
  • workbooks lack an audit trail
  • workbooks practically have no ability to monitor the quality of previous forecasts
  • forecast consolidation process is complex and labor-intensive
  • manually created forecasts are updated in one or two-week intervals, often with information that is not up-to-date anymore

System SUMMA enables automatic data consolidation from different systems into one single system, thereby allowing the CFO to focus on analyzing the data and making decisions instead of wasting time with consolidation and aggregation of the needed data.

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