Achieve balance between your short-term and long-term goals


Implementation and an individualized approach

Every single implemenation meets our clients unique expectations and ensures sufficient liquidity for the organization while minimizing risks and maximizing profit from the effective utilization of available funds.

We provide every client with services of experienced experts from various fields of financial management:

  • cash and liquidity management
  • financial risk management
  • financial and commodity market trading
  • legislation and accounting

Process optimisation

IT infrastructure optimization

We are ready to help our clients with optimization of their IT infrastructure. Our goal is to balance our client’s short-term needs, such as :

  • cost reductions
  • improved information flow
  • planning of operative management
  • and the company's long-term objectives, like organizational rules, managerial skills and innovations.

Optimization of financial management processes

Our experience and expertise in corporate processes, market standards, “treasury best practices” and technological requirements enable us to to help organizations propose and implement standardized processes.

We consider the needs of each individual organization and propose :

  • improvements to existing decision-making processes
  • define responsibilities of individual employees
  • define security level for accessing information
  • analyse existing process for providing information to company management
  • deliver and provide you with security strategy and performance assessment strategy.

Trusted integrations

We have more than 15 years of experience in the integration, configuration and tailored made development, of the most diverse set of interfaces in the area of financial systems integration.

Based on our previous experience we can help you with interfaces to streamline dataflows to :

  • different ERP systems
  • accounting and payment systems
  • “trading” platforms ( including Bloomberg, MTS Bond, Reuters D 3000, EUREX, IPREO, etc. )
  • various other market data providers

Project management

Proper planning and estimating of resources is a cornerstone of the success of any project. That is why a project manager is assigned to every one of our implementation teams.

  • 15 years of experience in project management
  • certified for treasury management and financial systems
  • participating in regular meetings with the client
  • detailed specifications significantly mitigate the risk of future project delays
  • continuously monitoring the implementation process in every implementation
    • detailed and current project progress reports during implementation
  • completing the project on time and within agreed budget
  • experienced in corporate sector, central banks, financial institutions and debt management agencies

Customized training

One essential part of the success implementation and use of the new system is the proper training for system users. Training activities can be held in our offices or at the client’s site.

We provide to our clients several types of trainings:

  • during system implementation training
  • treasury best practice processes training
  • SUMMA system training
  • effective financial management training
  • general IT skills training and day-to-day operations training

Maximal support

Our customer support department provides clients with technical and functional support services covering :

  • system configuration
  • technical issues
  • answering questions
  • giving advice on how to properly use the system

The provision of support services is a fully controlled process. All customer’s support requests are registered in our support system and automatically routed to a competent expert for a resolution. Clients can also monitor progress on the resolution of their support requests.

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