Treasury & Risk Management System

Corporate Treasury & Risk Management System

SUMMA treasury & risk management system for corporates presents a modular and cost-effective solution that helps every corporate treasurer to collect data, analyze and eliminate risks and manage corporate finance from one secure place.

Whether simple or complex, SUMMA provides a solution to meet all the needs. Hedging financial risks – changes in interest rates, foreign exchange rates or commodity prices lead to better financial performance, more stable and higher company earnings.

Transaction Management

SUMMA is an easy to use system for management of the entire transaction lifecycle. From deal entry to settlements, valuations, reporting and accounting outputs SUMMA fully integrates the process of managing financial transactions in a robust and comprehensive way.

SUMMA Transaction Management

  • Deal acceptance (configurable 4-eyes principle)
  • Confirmation sent, confirmation matched
  • Settlement of deals
  • Daily bookkeeping
  • Competitive counterparty quotes for improved analysis and audit
  • Unique reference number for each transaction in a user-defined format, unique audit transaction number
  • Configurable workflow (direct and reverse condition-based transaction flow and associated automatic events)


SUMMA covers a wide range of financial instruments used in corporate hedging strategy, from simple FX Instruments (Spot, Forwards) to more complex FX Options or Interest Rate Derivatives (IR Swaps, FRAs, Futures). In-depth coverage of instruments in the commodity and equity space is provided as well.

SUMMA Instruments

  • Cash/Money Market
    • Cash Payments/Transfers
    • Deposits/Loans
    • Discount/Commercial Papers
    • Money Market Funds
  • FX Market
    • FX Spot/Forward/Swap
    • FX Options
    • Non-deliverable Forwards
  • Fixed Income
    • Bonds (Fixed rate/Floating rate)
    • IR Swaps/ FRAs
  • Equity Market
    • Shares/Equity Funds
  • Commodities/Commodity Swaps

Position & Risk management

SUMMA provides an easy to interpret risk visualisation and exposure modelling. This enables risk managers and corporate treasures to focus on taking the appropriate decisions in order to mitigate these risks and improve financial performance.

SUMMA Position and risk management

  • Liquidity position (liquidity risk)
  • Calendar gaps, risk gaps, division by bank/bank account, currency or company/portfolio, possible to incorporate forecasts
  • Ability to link exposures and hedges together (Hedge relationship)
  • Currency position monitoring
  • Simulations (interest/FX rate sensitivities, simulated transactions)
  • Drill-down up to transaction level
  • Advanced features – Value at Risk available (historical/Monte Carlo simulation)
  • Limits management / monitoring

Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Position and risk reporting
  • Filtering/grouping/pivoting
  • Calculated columns
  • Workflow reporting, identification of required tasks and status monitoring
  • Delivery of reports (screen-based, by e-mail, formal reporting in pdf. format)
  • Microsoft office connectivity with ability to enhance quality of documents by adding system #hashtags


  • Daily bookkeeping
  • Periodic booking
  • Book value change


SUMMA provides very high level of interconnectivity with other systems and applications used in corporate finance. This is supplemented by compatibility with major market data providers and trading systems. User conformity is enhanced by Straight Through Processing(STP) of trades for certain types of trades/systems.

  • Cash Forecast
  • Payments and Receivables (ERP)
  • Balances (Bank)
  • Payments (Bank, SWIFT)
  • Confirmation (Bank, SWIFT)
  • Trades (Bloomberg, Reuters, Web-platforms)
  • Accounting (ERP)
  • Market Information management
  • Risk Ratings, Correlations and volatilities

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